A few of my favourite things

This weeks article is focused on being more thankful for the things you have. It's hard to be monkish and zen 24/7, but now and again I do think its nice to count the blessings you currently have. 

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What dan wrote today (Day 9)

A brief post where I'm reflecting on how my writing challenge has gone [updated at approx 12pm]. I also include the contents of my first days writing for those who are interested.

Read on for a sneak peak, as I'll be replacing what I've written every 24 hours. 


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Not a story for designers: My 14 day novel challenge.

I'm going to start a 14 day writing challenge on Sunday 2nd July. My goal is to write a novel start to end, just the first draft, no editing. Read on to find out more or if you want me to bore you with how personal challenges are the best things since sliced bread!


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