A brief post where I discuss my plans during my creative break, and some big decisions I've recently arrived at. 

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Know thy self...loneliness/happiness

This week its more about reflection and introspection. Have you ever experienced loneliness? I'm experiencing a little right now. This post is pretty honest but I think there's something of interest for most folks. 

Read on if you fancy. 

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(Lots of) Pondering the future

How do you figure out you dreams for the future? Write about them! 
That's the topic this week at least. Some interesting ideas and weird insight into my mind if you read on. ;) 

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The hard part about moving on

I'm leaving my job. But I'm not giving up on design, and I would never give up on creativity. I've been experience the usual resistance and range of emotions you get when you leave a job, so I figured I'd pen some thoughts. 

EDIT: Apparently I left this as a draft and never published (I am v silly!). 

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