Stories for designers: Things I wish I knew at Uni

This is the first in a series of articles based around experiences, tips and advice (gasp). I'm calling it "Stories for designers". Cute right? You learn a lot of things through years of work and encounter a lot of ideas. This is my way of collating the things that work and are worthwhile. I'm hoping this could help others and myself. 

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Life without structure

This weeks post is be reminiscing about how the decision to axe my job leaves me without a lot of structure and how I find that affects my days. #SushiLife

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June Challenge - Living the pauper life

I've often spoke about the value of challenges. Mainly creative challenges like #create365 or my animation sprint, but I'm going to start a simple personal challenge that I expect to last 1-3 months. 

I'm an advocate for saving and budgeting so if you find those topics interesting this article might be pretty interesting. Read on. 

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Great Escape Wrap up

I round up some of the things I figured out on my travels and a few of the not so great things that happened. I think within that there are a few lessons tucked away. I discuss my upcoming plans (the book) and bunch of other stuff. 

FYI: I'm done with uber-personal posts for a little while (that was just a travelling phase).

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Great Escape pt 1.9

This final travelling post covers the last few days when I went to explore Yorkshire and Harrogate with two friends from work. 

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