Animation progress & other projects

Animation down low

The past week I’ve continued my animation project. I’ve learnt some more stuff (such as shape morphs which are super fun), I’ve explored more around animating masks, and general transformation of shape layers.

I was able to figure out how to create an icon ‘build up’ animation, which was really fun as I did so without using a play-by-play tutorial. You can see the results further down. One thing I’d like to learn next week are icon transitions; where complex icons transforms into others. I look forward to figuring that out.

One thing I’ve been trying lately is to work on my daily practice earlier in the day; I find that when I’m leaving it later, my enthusiasm is reduced. So far I haven’t missed a day, but I do find that there’s a tendency to work on something safer (basically something more easier and quicker, where less knew stuff is learned) when I leave it late. I do enjoy the pressure but over a hundred days in it is quite gruelling. #NeedABreakCantHaveOne

In order to correct this fatigue I’m trying to start earlier in the day, and be more accepting that if I work on animation, I don’t HAVE to also work on other things, which I hope makes it a little easier for me to take more time. In essence; if I don’t have time or energy to embark on something big, I’m happy to cement my existing knowledge.

But I’m pleased with my progress given a busy week.


Why was it a busy week?

I was paying attention to other projects. I got to revisit a ‘Charity Draw-a-thon’ idea with some colleagues. I had to work on pushing forward my Drink & Draw pitch for my workplace (the company has begun sponsoring different clubs - which is cool),  I organised an ‘after school animation club’ so a few designers stayed late to learn something new, I went to a Nottingham photography meetup and a photography meetup in the peaks.

It was busy yet really great to meet new people and give me reasons and more accountability to improve my photography.

I’ve unofficially began a “photo-a-day” project with a friend; so hopefully we will keep each other accountable with what we’re doing. I'll see how that's fairing in a week. 

Signing off.
Here’s to another great week.