Getting lazy & thinking bigger

Getting lazy

Into my third (but officially 2nd) week of animation practice and I wonder if I’m getting lazy? It’s a tough one to answer, because my main goal is to show up daily, focus on animation (not illustration) and be determined to learn things.

So there have been a few days where my energy level was lower, and I felt that I wanted to work on something quickly, looking for a tutorial that was less than 10 minutes (as following one always takes much more time). I think I’m okay with that, its important to remind myself that I need to learn new things, as well as practising and pushing what I already know. It would be a mistake to purely make ‘cool’ things for a few extra likes because that’s not why I’m doing the project. What I really want is to build a foundation and learn as much as I can (even if that means the result is not super polished or trendy or looking). 

Getting lazy; I think it’s more a case of managing energy. But let’s not become complacent.

One thing that will help is allowing more time for animation, but I need to remember that whilst my 365 project lasts a year, the animation element is much shorter, so I need to keep growing momentum and not allow periods of low energy to become the norm.

 A little device transformation gif. I learned a lot doing this, but wanna take it to the next level.

A little device transformation gif. I learned a lot doing this, but wanna take it to the next level.

Thinking bigger:

I’m really pleased with what I’ve been making so far. Animation can take a bit longer than if I was purely illustrating, but I keep making progress, keep learning little bits and creating fun stuff.

But whilst I do have a set of tutorials I’ve been using, and slowly adding to in order to aid my learning, I need to start thinking on a grander scale. Looking for longer, complex tutorials that will undoubtedly uncover more shortcuts, tools and tips, as well as larger workflows to make more complex animations.

I’d like to learn some character animation, at a basic level to begin, and how to manage animations with multiple compositions to create something larger and cool. So, I’m going to try and make some time this week to plan out more of the things I would like to do, and sketch out some of those medium/large sized projects. For my 66 day project to feel like a success, I need to start giving myself more time than I have been doing, and work towards a few larger, more complex examples.

To sum up; I think what I need is to ensure I’m setting more interim goals, and think more deeply about what I expect from each month to maximise the progress and learning, especially as my “create something cool each day” objective is very vague.

Note to self: Book in a 3-5 hour day long project for next weekend?