Quick minimialism - rule of 3

When you're going to run out of something...buy three.
The end. You can leave the internet now.

J/k. I've been interested in minimalism for about 2 years now. I mainly approach it from the point of view of possessions, but I generally seek a simpler life. I try and keep my digital existence streamlined, enjoy simpler meals were possible and generally try simplify whats going on. I've always been quite cheap, frugal and thoughtful so minimalism is a good fit for me. 

I 'live by' a little rule I encountered online. Basically I buy 3 of any common, frequently used commodity when I'm due to run out (toothpaste, washing up liquid, deodorant, shower geletc).

 Think of it as sensible hoarding :D 

Think of it as sensible hoarding :D 

The rule is basically "two is one, one is none", if you google that you will see a lot of posts relating to wilderness survival. Well this is a little less intense than that. I buy three because I know I will get through them soon enough; and it's not such an extreme number that your home is littered with things. 

It's a handy trick if you're an under-buyer (ever ran out of toothpaste and had to use a rolling pin to get the dregs out?), or If you're an over-buyer (think extreme couponing and having a dozen washing up bottles).  

Buy three when you're going to run out; that's it.  It's not the height of minimalism but it means I don't overthink buying commodities too much and I can save a fair bit if I spot they're on sale. Helpful rule if you're in charge of your home. 

I'm considering renaming this "basic bitch" minimalism...but for now I hope you're having a good week and catch you later.