10 little ideas...

I always try and write in the week to publish on a Sunday but this week has been a little busy and I've been a bit behind (that's life). I wasn't really sure what to write about; but I was also thinking about upcoming design projects I would like to work on when I'm done having a break from daily design.

I'd had a few little sparks of ideas for designs and thought "I should just make a quick list of 10 possible projects"; so that's what I did. That gave me the idea to write this short post. 

When in doubt; come up with 10 ideas. 

 10 ideas...

10 ideas...

It's a tactic I've used a few times but its often a tactic I don't use right away. I've done this for creating ideas for blog posts, and for ideas on ways to save etc. I feel like taking 10 minutes to come up with 10 ideas or actions is a nice little ice-breaker into whatever topic or problem you're having. 

So when I'm not sure what to design and when; I come up with 10 ideas for projects (I'll include these ideas below but they're not the point of this post). 

It doesn't take too long to come up with 10 ideas (if you're focused). Imagine if you did 10 ideas a day for a week; that would be 70 ideas. 280+ over a month and over 3,000 across a year....probably far too many ideas but its easy to see how ideas can scale. Some of the ideas will be crap but its a handy tactic to loosen your mind and make a start on the problem. If just a few ideas are sound then its something to build upon. 

Creating 10 ideas could be a good way to prepare for negative life events; lets say personal injury or a death in the family. You could prepare a set of 10 ideas/actions of what you could do in those situations and that could help you freak out a little less if bad things should happen (they tend to, eventually). 

I never do this but it seems like it would logically be very useful. Some things we can guarantee will happen at some point (death of a pet, or a parent); its harder to ask yourself to think rationally if you're suffering emotionally. Planning ahead would be beneficial. 

Overall I think it's very easy to spend a lot of time thinking without much success (sort of spinning mental wheels), but as soon as we give ourselves a goal of X ideas/solutions then that time appears to be more useful (perhaps purely because we're giving the thinking time it's own measurable outcome). 

Possible design projects/pieces below...


Dans ideas for design projects

  • Create artwork for my friends new baby. Typographic "Eleanor", A3 sized?
  • My PC is 6 years old in November, so I could create a circuit board 'inspired' poster design.
  • Riderscan App design (and old idea I had for an App, could practice Adobe XD at the same time)
  • A suite of icons (It's been so long since I've created a lot of icons and I've never really made a full, usable suite). 
  • Motorbike photographic portraits (probably be best with a DSLRcamera but its something I'd like to do).
  • Black & White line art illustration of my house - could be a little piece of artwork with a grainy/grunge style?
  • Skateboard design (would look quite cool as an instagram slideshow;  maybe something Mario-esque). 
  • Art deco motorbike poster (I'd love to illiustrate more biker stuff, possibly inspired by moto guzzi motorbikes)
  • Modify photographs with nuisance vector critters (this would be fun and a little different)
  • An illustrated landing page (mixing two passions)
  • My own take of a recent logo design done for a friend (just because its such a fun idea to work with). 

The eagle eyed will spot there are actually 11, but I had an extra idea last minute! 
That's basically it for todays post; a short little realisation about a simple tactic that I'm personally underutilising.

Got a problem? Think of 10 ideas. Explore a couple of the best ones. Easy. 

Hope you're having a great week.