6 types of designers you'll meet

Wait...what is the post about? Oh yeah it's some clickbait bullshit. Yaaaaay. 

On a serious note this week I'm writing one of my 'back burner' topics which is a daft article about the types of creatives you meet in creative industries. 

Or rather some of the different creatives I've encountered. I'm generalising. Consider this the design equivalent of the Mean Girls cafeteria scene. 

 Gotta catch 'em all!

Gotta catch 'em all!

The Thinker
I describe the thinker as not only someone who is knowledgeable but who is considered and thoughtful. You can often find them carefully trawling a book or article, and they tend to close their eyes in search of answers when in conversation. I fondly refer to thinkers' as being 'very cerebral'. 

A little bit monkish. Generally soft spoken and annoying only in their ability to ask tough questions or poke holes in your ideas.  Don't expect to get anywhere quickly with a thinker. The one's I've encountered don't like to give hasty answers, as they know they don't always lead to great results. 

Yet if you're starting out with a task or problem, they're great to talk to as they'll point out all the possible questions and areas of inquiry. So far the thinkers I've met have all been pretty cool, and I admire their intellect and rigorous testing of ideas. 


The Prodigy
I'd describe the prodigy as someone who has an extreme amount of talent and/or natural skill in a given area. This doesn't necessarily mean they use it to its fullest but they can wow people with their talent and attention to detail. They have a strong love for their specific craft. 

An illustrator comes to mind when I think of 'the prodigy', they consistently wow their peers. Their ability to illustrate, digitally or physically in extreme detail is like something you see in a viral internet article. They are mad good. 


Commonly regarded as someone who can design, develop and approach problems from a UX point of view. These guys are pretty rare, but not so rare that I haven't met two in my short little creative life. Despite being really knowledgeable and adaptable the two I've known have been really lovely individuals. 

My experience of Unicorns is that they're dedicated and super helpful. They're the kind of freelancer every company wants. They're special, so hold on tight. 


Those creatives know a lot, and they know it. Sometimes head strong, and often helpful; I find these guys a bit of a mix. Sometimes I love em, other times their stubbornness drives me a little bit crazy. Equally I admire their ability to acquire and hold on to knowledge. 

I've found that know-it-alls often butt-heads with other thinkers, and particularly other know-it-alls. So when dealing with them it is handy to have your rationale for creative decisions firmly locked in, and consider the counter-arguments because if their mind is set it isn't easy to change it. 

Generally well-meaning in my experience, they can simply get caught up in the details of what is the most correct...all of the time. 


Insecure creatives
Not my favourite type of creative. On a few occasions I have been this type of creative, until I was able to put things into a perspective and get out of my own head. I find insecure creatives competitive (in the wrong way), they tend to bring an extra degree of friction and worry to situations that don't need it. Mundane things can become power struggles of who does what, and who is seen to be doing more by anyone higher. I suppose that last part is the kicker; they're seeking approval hence the insecurity. 

It's a shame. I believe that you perform better if you release yourself from worries of competing with others and allow yourself to excel and compete only with yourself. Leave the BS behind I say! 


Creative butterflies
The type of creative who always seems to have something going on. They might dabble in digital, biro or screenprint. They mix and match. They're attending this conference or that exhibition. These are the kind of creatives who always make me smile. They're energetic and infections with their excitement. Every team needs one. 

All round cool dudes/dudettes. Creative butterflies make you smile and make you love what you do that little bit more. 



So that's my little article for this week. I'm sure I could think of a few more personality types you encounter in creative industries, and many that are mixes of the above but I thought I would leave it at that. Bare in mind this was just a bit of fun and these AREN'T rigorous psychological profiles. 

If I were to self assess, I'd say I'm a bit of a creative butterfly, with the lofty goal of being a thinker, and fortunately long past my insecure habits (hurrah!). 

Let me know what type of creative you might be (even if it's not in my all encompassing list).
Stay cool.