On to two-thousand-eighteen

I guess this is a bit early? Should I have scheduled this for NY-eve? Oh well...better luck next year. 

I think 2017 was the first time I had set myself set myself resolutions. They were mostly a set of fairly specific creative goals. One of them was to set up a website and blog, so at least I managed that; this time I'm looking go think a bit more broadly about my goals. 

I've recently finished a Mindfulness course on the FutureLearn platform, the 2nd Mindfulness course I've completed this autumn. One of the interesting parts was about how Mindfulness can interact with our values and goals. Values being a sort of general direction, and goals that follow that value are a step along the way. 

This is an old article I wrote about values.  At the time I was harping on about 'core values'. No need to read that old article; it's not that great. I decided at the time that my 3 core values where Nature, Sustainability and Struggle, and that I felt their impact in all of my hobbies and interests. I think that's mostly still true, but I probably know those values by different names now. 

I was recently listening to an episode of the happier podcast ep147, where Gretchen and Elizabeth were discussing an alternate resolution of 18 things to accomplish in 2018. I love this idea and so I've refitted my original list of resolutions to include a few more items. 


18 for 2018

  1. Go on two camping trips
  2. Take 15,000 photographs on Fuji
  3. Take Krupa on a motorcycle getaway
  4. Go climbing 30 times over the year
  5. Complete 6 Buyourfuture courses
  6. Read 1 book per month
  7. Take the dog on an overnight trip
  8. Try out boxing
  9. Daily mindfulness practice
  10. Continued saving (£9,000 a year goal)
  11. Travel to Bristol to see Jon & go riding around Cheddar & the south
  12. Complete picture wall with 6 additional artworks or goal graphics
  13. Write 3 10,000 word stories or excerpts
  14. Research investing - Read investment newsletter weekly
  15. Take care of my belongings - Repair when possible, service regularly and use them up
  16. Grow Californian pine saplings from seed
  17. Spend a day away from technology, somewhere peaceful, relaxing, meditating and reading
  18. Design something, large or small, once a month. 

The resolutions are both small and large, repetitive and one off tasks to complete. They each serve a different aspect of my life and together push it forwards.  To a degree there is a fallacy about trying to plan your year; it's too big and unpredictable, and yet a mission statement for the year feels like a good way to bind all the various resolutions together. The why to balance out the how; you need both for progress. 


My 2018 mission statement

The year of Dan, take 28. My aim for 2018 is to prioritise experiences over possessions and build upon my adventurous nature from 2017 by seeing more sights and doing more with others. I want to increase my activity and look after my body better; becoming stronger and healthier. 

I'm going to take on new knowledge, learn about investment, entrepreneurship and mastering my camera. Through regular habits I want to keep saving, creating and shaping a more rewarding life. I want to do new things as well as old. Here's to 2018.