My latest obsession...£1 pound meals

I recently bought my first cookbook over the Black Friday weekend, and I'm very proud! I happened to spot an article about Miguel Barclay, a chef who apparently gained traction little more than a year ago. I followed him on instagram and saw a screenshot of the book on sale at Amazon on his feed and I purchased there and then (proof that instagram stories do work I guess). 

The book was "One Pound Meals: Fast & Fresh" 

So far I'm in love with my first cook book, I totally see the appeal now; having the book and following it feels a lot more convenient than searching the web for 'unapproved' recipes.  Maybe cookbooks also feel like a personal friend too. Since the book was delivered a few weeks ago I've created dozens new meals I wouldn't have thought to make before. 

 Chickpeas, spinach and eggs with cumin and tumeric.

Chickpeas, spinach and eggs with cumin and tumeric.

Why I love it so much?

Firstly a lot of the recipes are vegetarian, or can easily be converted as such (and vice versa I suppose if that's your preference). I love getting my greens so the book suits me down to the ground. So yeah; it's kind of a book for everyone. 

Equally it's introduced me to a wider variety of foods than I would otherwise eat. I'd never eaten asparagus before, or had spinach with chickpeas. For a veggie I don't think my diet is as nutrient rich and diverse as it ought to be; after all eggs and cake can only go so far. 

It saves you money. Miguel is based in London and so I often wonder if some of the recipes get increasingly cheaper the further north you travel. Some of the recipes make great mains and others are tasty sides. They pair exotic ingredients with pretty basic ones, and generally all the recipes share common ingredients so you hopefully never waste anything. All that equals saving money. 

I've written before about my interest in minimalism and simplicity and I definitely think this is a book for minimalists. Most of the recipes involve less than 10 ingredients even when including salt and pepper. There's nothing wrong with complex meals, but all the meals are straightforward, relatively quick and tasty. It makes cooking simpler but no less tasty.

Favourite thing I've made so far? Well I love having eggs for breakfast, and one of the recipes combines spicy chickpeas and spinach with a fried egg on toast; it's a simple variation on a classic. 

For anyone curious about saving money, eating quickly or more simply I'd recommend taking a look at Miquel's instagram, and if you like what you see check out the book. 


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Have a great holiday!