New year, new stories

I've spoken with friends before about the need to choose something in order to be good at it. You can't simply become great at something, because in order to become great you need to show up regularly, make sacrifices and grind. Paying lip service isn't enough. You can't "like to be better" at something, carve out time in your schedule, and space in your thoughts for that activity. 

There are three creative pursuits I enjoy; design, photography and writing. Generally in that order. So now it's time I choose writing. I've ignored it often enough in favour of design and photography. 

Every once in a while I'm watching or reading something and I really get a hunger for creating stories. As part of my 18 for 2018, I'm planning to write at least 3 short stories or story excerpts. So for me it will be a new year with new stories and I'm going to brainstorm some ideas to get the ball rolling. Recently I was watching the film Bright, and its such an interesting dive into an alternate world that it set my mind active with ideas of characters and situations...ahhh. I do love when a story or character sets my mind racing and gives me the desire to write. 

One of the special things about writing is that all of the stories I ever attempted remain in my mind, their worlds and character intact ready for reexamination. They're a little bit like old friends. 


Ten ideas for stories

- I'd like to write about the backstory to some of the characters in the book I was writing in the summer. It's a post apocalyptic style novel, but the back-stories of particular characters could be really fun to puzzle out. 

- I could write a short story about a young noble learning about the death of his father (this would be set in a universe I started writing about over a decade ago). 

- I could write about something mundane. I always love how old british films can make simple conversations over the dinner table captivating. Family goings on and the like. I think to pull off writing interesting conversation in an everyday situations would be a good feat, and great practice.

- A short story about an assassin aboard an airship, I'm thinking a little bit of sci-fi and a little bit of fantasy. 

- I could write a day in the life style story set in Derbyshire 100 years ago, that would be an interesting  research project as well as good writing practice.

- A young magician trapped between duties of state and three medling old crones. 

- A story about a demonic being, questioning its role and purpose in life. 

- Two adventurers travelling in an ancient, fantasy land to escape the troubles of their present time.

- A story in a medieval universe where magic is relatively uncommon, and far more esoteric. This will be a shift from fantasy I've tended to write. 

- A story where a prominent character is disliked, but gradually begins to earn the reader's' respect and understanding. I think this type of character is always difficult to write. 


So there you have it. 10 simple ideas for stories. At some point this spring I'm going to complete this writing course so that will be my first opportunity to write one of my short stories. At least during that process I have these ideas to get me started. 

With my process of monthly reviews and the practice of keeping my goals visible, I should be able to make steady progress on my 2018 goals. But it will be a tough (but rewarding) year. 

Welcome to 2018 y'all.