Writing on Sundays/The Sunday dreads

I’m big on keeping a weekly list of tasks and jobs to keep my priorities focused and organise my time. I’m also big on scheduling (when I remember to do it). Brainwave - from now on I should make scheduling my week as a task in my task list (aw'right!). 

I’m writing this little update on Sunday. I had a busy, fun, and productive day Saturday which was great, I got a lot done but I’ve still left a few things to do today. One of which is my commitment to writing a weekly blog post. My original reason to create a blog on my site was to have a means to practice writing (even if it isn’t exactly creative writing) and to capture any learning or insights from the week, cementing their value by thinking and writing about them (which to me seems like a much deeper process).

Thoughts on the Sunday dreads.

I regularly listen to the Happier poccast and recently listened to an episode where they touched on the Sunday dreads; which they described as the anxiety you face about the coming week on Sunday. It was interesting and they had people suggest ideas for how they have coped with that and I was thinking about it on and off during the week which prompted this post.

Do I get Sunday dreads? A little bit I think. I never really fear the upcoming week, but I do often feel a bit trapped by tasks that fall towards the end of the week. Sometimes I find myself with some kind of decision anxiety (do I go a ride on my bike, do some reading or relax and play a game?). I get caught between what I’d like to do, what is possible and what order it might fall into. I do dislike that when it happens. I’ve worked hard all week (including into my evenings) so I’d like to rest and enjoy the weekends, but equally I have the most time available to work on larger creative tasks at the weekend. 

I really hate when that happens as I end up wasting time. I should be ‘choosing the bigger life’ at the weekends wherever possible, not trying to check off my to do list if it isn’t going to benefit me long term.  

 Sundays are like falling...sometimes. 

Sundays are like falling...sometimes. 

I’ve got this belief that each day bleeds into the next. I don’t like to think of Sunday as the last day of freedom, Monday as this awful punishment and Wednesday as a signal of hope and then Friday as the 2nd coming. The happiness of one day leads right into the next, the laziness rolls into each day gradually forming into productivity and then back again. This is how weeks and months ebb and flow. I find it’s hard for a really great week to follow a really great week as that’s some serious momentum to uphold, and complacency complicates things further (oh complacency).

So I don’t hate writing on Sundays. I don’t feel trapped by Sundays. But I do need to work out more what I’m expecting of the weekend; I often go into the weekends with no plans of what I’m doing for fun. That might help me enjoy weekends more, rather than arriving on the day and thinking “now what”.

But I do wish I could start writing more in the week. Perhaps calendar reminders could help that. Then I could use Sunday as more of a reviewing and QA day rather than the day when I’m starting and finishing a lot of work. As I plan my weeks running Monday-Sunday, I guess I just don’t like starting things on Sunday that are meant ticked off by end of week (knowing you want to 'deliver' on things you haven't even started yet sucks). 

After last weeks post leanings from my 66 days of animation, I’m thinking I might talk about some of the reasons I’m failing with my animation challenge. Its sounds negative, but I think knowing what is holding me back from a higher degree of success is useful (I'm not down about it I'm just being blunt). I feel like that will become a larger post, so I’m going to save that for midweek I think.

Hope you’ve had a great week.