The friction points of my Animation sprint

I’m currently about 60% of the way through my animation project, and I mentioned last week I was going to be considering all of the issues I’ve experienced so far. Not just replicating what is working that contributes to success, but facing what isn’t working.

I’ve said to colleagues that my animation sprint is both a success and a failure; that’s kind of negative, but what I mean by failure is that in my head I envisaged how I would work on the sprint and the ultimate result has been different.

I’m super stocked with how my animation sprint has gone so far. Just to get it out the way, but I’m happy, and I can see that what I’m creating in February is much better than what I made in January even though I’m experiencing a lot of fatigue lately; but I'm always thinking about how something could work better.

On to the friction points:

I’m going to explore the friction/failure points. Some of these points are specific to how I envisaged the sprint working out. I was expecting to fully clear my schedule of all but the most pressing creative/personal jobs, and to not take on any new projects. In my mind this would allow me time to become fully immersed and be able to spend the majority of my free creative time on the sprint. In reality its been very different; I've juggled many creative/personal priorities, and made a lot of progress but that has meant I've had to be realistic about what I can achieve within my animation. 

Overscheduling - This is essentially saying no to things. In my head I wanted to have certain projects complete before I began my animation sprint/marathon. Ultimately you always overestimate what you can do in the short term, and underestimate in the long term. So despite not having other ‘projects’ concluded, I began my sprint anyway. Since then, whilst ideally my daily schedule for my free time should say only ‘Animation’ it often has other things in there as well. So my animation time is often a bigger compromise than I wanted it to be. As well as time, its my focus that is divided; I enjoy tackling multiple things at once but the trade off is that each project receives less brain power.

Inflexible schedule - This is linked to the above post. It would be really great to set aside the majority of a day, or weekend to work on a larger ‘bootcamp’ project. I find it difficult to allow for this as I schedule various small and medium tasks across every day of the week. Bearing in mind that energy ebbs and flows and the important need for restorative solitude/fun I’ve not yet found enough firmness to say no and allow plenty of time for a ‘bootcamp’ project to exist within the sprint. Despite this I’m really excited to show up each day, and super pleased at everything I have learnt and done so far. Looking back makes the tough days feel worthwhile.

Work on the sprint first - This is a small one, but I’ve learnt I need to work on my sprint earlier in the day if possible, often as soon as I get home. Otherwise the obligation to do something begins to chafe, and there’s more chance of me experiencing fatigue and exhaustion. So getting it out of the way first does seem to help.

Obligation can be disenchanting - As great as it’s been for #create365 to have a focus during the animation sprint; knowing that I’m unable to explore other mediums such as illustration or doodling (a self placed restriction ofc) can sometimes be frustrating. I have to make something each day, and that thing must be animated. On the flip side, I sometimes think about the time remaining and use that as a motivator to show up and create. If it's is only for 'x more weeks' then I should be able to show up each day right?

So those are a few of the challenges I've experienced (although I'm sure I can think of more given time). I am pleased to say I've planned this post earlier in the week, and wrote it on Saturday therefore managing to avoid some of the Sunday dreads.

Have a great week,