Little successes and then some bumps

Little successes

On a side note from animation, I’ve recently begun a photo-a-day activity with a friend of mine, and that has made for a nice week of photographs even when other things might have been foundering. It’s nice to have that small daily activity to add some excitement and creativity. Equally important is that my friend and I can motivate and check in on one another. So far it's working.

So even if you’re good at showing up to create; accountability is really valuable. The pro of doing things as a shared project is also that it’s a lot more fun. You can to see what the other person has created and its easier to make cool stuff if you’re not doing it alone. That’s been my experience at least. I've got a similar thing going with my awesome friend India; each Thursday at work, we stay late to create something cool and practice being creative (and I love it).

...and the bumps

Now away from little successes and onto the bumps! My daily animation project got a little rocky this week. I had some drama with my motorbike, meaning I lost a few hours of my evening. Fortunately I was able to make something quick when I got back, so I kept my promise for Day 123. The day after that, I had a headache and generally felt unwell and tired, and very nearly ended up stranded again on my way home...I was tense and entertained the idea of skipping Day 124. The idea of rebelling was surprisingly uplifting and freeing. I went to bed early, fell asleep and had the most restful night for weeks. The may have been an opportunity to create something simple that morning, but instead I had a relaxed morning instead, therefore missing Day 124.

How do I feel? We’ll just fine to be honest. It was a sucky day after a stressful day before that, I’m confident that I’ll be able to catch up on my animation this weekend, because I know that I’ll create something everyday until September 30th at least. That’s plenty of time to catch up.

Last weekend I suggested booking in a 3-5 hour project this weekend. That hasn’t happened as of yet; and mainly that is because I still have other tasks outstanding that existed beforehand. It’s difficult balancing existing projects with my animation practice. Whilst I’m learning a lot, I can’t help feel that I’m not learning at the rate I could if I was focused, and equally neither am I seeing the progress I would like on other tasks.

My key 'learning' so far in this animation project; is that I probably needed to be firmer with the tasks I was dropping in order to truly commit to learning animation. I'm really happy with what I learnt, but I'm juggling it with so many creative and personal tasks and that has downsides. 

Will I catch up and break even with DAY 128 by sunday? Time will tell.