Animation marathon roundup

I’m coming to the close of my two month animation sprint/marathon - yes!
I’ve been finishing it off with a series of story based animations which is the first time I’ve worked in that way. I’ve been enjoying that and it’s something I want to do more of in the future. I found before that working with a limited palette for a week of illustration can take away decision fatigue and leads to nice results, so the animation story borrows that concept. I’m really looking forward to merging the shorts together and uploading the full thing on Vimeo to see how it looks. 

Here’s one of the examples below (sorry the load time is slow with all the transparencies in the gif!)

 Pt 1 of my animated story - asteroid shootin'

Pt 1 of my animated story - asteroid shootin'

Come Sunday I’m calling time on my animation marathon and I’m going to spend the following week focusing on doodling and illustrating in my notebooks as its something I’ve missed doing. It's about time and I'm looking forwards to a little bit of #create365 and chill.

I’ve really loved learning animation, and as I’ve wrote previously I’m super stoked to have added a new skill to my repertoire, but it’s really great to go back to a more flexible challenge. This has taught me that there's need for constraints but also a need for freedom and flexibility. Merging those two perfectly is so far a challenge gone unconquered.    

After just two months with 1 hour or so of practice a day, I’ve created a whole host of little animations which I’ve really enjoyed, and got myself a really solid start at a new discipline. So thinking about where another two months could take me in terms of writing, photography or illustration is really exciting! But time to to breathe and relax...

Whats next?

Not racing headlong into another sprint/challenge that’s for sure. I originally wanted to drop all my other creative projects and focus solely on animation when I began, and ultimately that didn’t happen. Whilst I’ll definitely do more future sprints/challenges, I need to think carefully about what I want to achieve and why, and make sure that all my other creative projects die down for the duration. The #create365 challenge is running until the end of September 2017, and I’m still updating my portfolio and have smaller things I need to look at.

One thing that helped a lot was scheduling in my animation time around other creative/personal obligations, it doesn’t always work as planned but it really helps understand how long things might take and not to overburden myself.

My favourite top 6

For fun I’ve included some of my favourite 6 animations; based on a mixture of complexity and how much I enjoyed the idea or style. Back in Jan I couldn't have made these so there's that recurring feel good factor!

The Squarespace carousel is very clear. You need to click/tap the left and right edges to swipe through. ;) 

I’m previously wrote about the pros and cons of my animation sprint/marathon but in a few weeks I expect I will write a final summary post, once I’ve had longer to reflect and consider what the next challenges might be for me.

I’d like to explore a more deeper level of animation, possibly taking on a larger movie project or exploring 3d and how it can interact with animation. The key thing for me to remember is that I can do anything, but I can’t do everything. That’s always a difficult lesson, and one I've not learnt so far. 

This is a short one for me and I have 3 more animations to do,  so hope you're having a great week.