Every medicine becomes poison

Are my habits working for me?

I've been writing articles and posts here since January this year. I write for a variety of reasons; to inform myself, to store ideas for later reference and other times simply to reflect on what is going on in my life right now. Whilst I write for myself, I do like there to be at least some wisdom and value in each post I write. 

Writing an article weekly isn't too hard to do, but I've been questioning lately how much this habit is working for me. I've often read about how successful people often say no, and how habits and routines emerge to solve problems at a particular point in time and need to be routinely groomed. Should I say no to writing once a week?

I enjoy the act of writing, but there are definitely times when I don't feel I'm writing about a particularly poignant or useful topic. 

Every medicine becomes poison - perfect!

I absolutely love that quote. I don't remember where I originally heard it (may have been Gretchen Rubin) but it totally sums up how habits need to evolve to your changing needs and situation. 

 My laptop is my main tool for writing cus the keyboard rocks!

My laptop is my main tool for writing cus the keyboard rocks!

Trimming my habits 

If successful people often say no to things, therefore closely guarding their time, then it makes sense that you sometimes need to say no to yourself. 

I used to keep a photography journal where I would collect my favourite photographs at the end of each month, this was a reflective practice and it was enjoyable, but after about 16 months I found it was no longer adding much value. I was learning less and I had no long term goal or output for the project - so I removed that monthly habit.  

I enjoy writing and am still going to continue doing it, but rather than feeling compelled to post something weekly, I'm going to write but only publish if I feel its useful. The rest of my writing will remain drafted; ready to be reworked into something else, or serving as a reminder of meeting my weekly writing goal. For now that sounds fair. Good weekly writing is the goal, but only publish if it feels 'good enough'.

The outro

That's basically it people. Just a short update; habits and habit forming is a huge topic so I'll save that for later. I want to curate my writing so it doesn't become shit and in order to do that whilst allowing me to write about what I want, I need to loosen up a little bit on my expectations of my writing. 

Not everything I write will be amazing (shock). So now I'm giving myself a pass not to post anything too personal or lacking in value if I don't want. 

Hope ya'll having a great week.